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A few tips on how to get started with crowdfunding on ShareYourself

Posted by Melinda Glavin on August 17, 2021
  1. Create a project on SYS and come up with a final funding goal-anything from $1 to whatever it takes, and break down the costs into achievable $ amounts. See below Uniforms project

  2. Say on your front page that the campaign will last 30 days. A sense of urgency if critical to raise the $ quickly. 

  3. Immediately start updating your SYS project with pictures, videos, or just plain text to show your focus, and most importantly to talk about how the campaign drive will help people that will benefit from a donation.

  4. Now create an email list of all family and friends who might be interested in your project. If they don’t do email, use the best way to contact them in the list -text, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, whatever.

  5. Send out to them that in 3 days you’ll be asking them to help you. Copy and paste the link to your project and include it in the email, or whatever media is best to get their attention. 

  6. Call up as many people as you know that can and will donate, and have them donate immediately. And donate something yourself, it can be a small amount, to show you’re serious.

  7. 3 days later, send to your email list all the same info, include the link to your project and ask them to help. By this time, you should have raised a significant amount before you even ask everyone else to donate. This will show to the new donors that your project has already raised some amount of money.

  8. Always personally thank everyone who has donated, and always thank future donors immediately for their interest in the project.

  9. 6 days later, send out the same email with a few tweaks, such as, “15% donated already!”, and encourage people to donate now

  10. 9 days later, send out another email updating all on your list that you’ve now raised 40%, and need more help. 

  11. 12 days later, repeat the cycle, and say “we’re 60% funded, and please help us to get to full funding.

  12. 15 days later, email all the people who have already donated, and ask them if they’ll “double up”, and donate again to match their first donation. Tell them you’re getting close to your goal. A bunch will in fact do that. Also hit up everyone who hasn’t donated, and tell them of the success thus far.

  13. At day 20, email again as you’ve done, but stress that you’re almost to your goal, but need help to cross the finish line.

  14. Continue this 3 day process until you either reach your funding goal, surpass your goal, (which is fine - more Uniforms as an example), or you get close.

  15. At Day 30, end the campaign, and SYS will get you the $, and complete your project with $ you need

    ShareYourself Crowdfunding Diagram

NOTE: the whole time you’re running the campaign, continually update on your ShareYourself Project page the progress you’re making to get the $ money goal you’re seeking. Use pictures, video of yourself and/or your collaborators to show yourselves and the items you’re planning to buy with the $

When you raise the $, email everyone, and put it on your project, that you’re so grateful for their help.

This might seem like a lot to do, but it really isn’t if you do all the steps always. It’s a few minutes a day, better than doom scrolling if you ask me… ;)

Post Campaign Actions

  1. Now complete your project with the $ you raised, update every day with pics, vids, words to prove to your donors that you’re using the $ to do what you said. This will help you for the next time you want to raise money for the same, or other new projects.

  2. Once you’re done, post a final vid with the results of the completed project, again, thanking everyone for making your dream a reality.

Next Steps

  1. If you want, repeat the whole process to do it all again.

  2. Or, come up with another idea, and apply what you learned from your first project, use the SYS crowdfunding process and fund the new project.

  3. Then, do it as long as you feel motivated to do more.


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