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Whether you are raising money for your project, looking for more exposure for your project or trying to take your idea to the next level, getting published at any capacity can make a world of difference. Below are 5 steps to help you get published.

Posted by Mitchell O'Neill on November 03, 2021
ShareYourself recently got published in NY Weekly, LA Wire, U.S Reporter and Market Daily. This has been a major help for ShareYourself in many different ways. We wanted to provide tips to everyone in the ShareYourself community on how to get published yourselves. 

1. Finding the right publication related to your project or idea

One of the most important things in the publishing process is to make sure you find the right publisher for your story/idea/project. If your project is focused on climate change it does not really work for a publication that is focused on other unrelated topics. 

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2. Finding the right author within the target publication  

Once you have found the perfect publication that fits your focus, you now need to find a specific author that both writes about your topic or industry and who also has a writing style that you enjoy.

When you have found your desired author it’s critical that you note their contact information, gather their email address or find them on Linkedin and connect with them. Building this relationship can be very difficult, but if executed well that connection can go a very long way in this process.

Note that you should find multiple publications that fit your story as this process can be difficult and not every publication will agree to writing about your project. 

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3. Writing an example article

Now that you have selected a target publication and author, the next step is to write your own example article about your project. It’s important that your article is written in a similar style to the authors writing style, this way the author can easily visualize this article existing on their publication.

These authors are always looking for new stories, giving an example article makes their lives that  much easier.

It’s also critical that you find a way to fit your project into more of a story, rather than having the article solely be focused on the project. The example should mention your project and link to your project, but you will have more success if there is a good story within the article.

Note that it is important to find multiple authors within the publications that you selected as you may not make a connection with all of the ones you select.  

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4. Sharing your example article with the publications and authors you found  

Now you can send your example article to all of the authors and different publications that you found.

If you struggle finding contact information from authors, you can try finding them on Twitter, Linkedin, or even just by googling their names. Many authors who write for publications have their own website where they keep their work as a sort of online resume. Reaching out across multiple different networks helps and it shows that you did your research on them. 

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5. The paid option 

If you are short on time, there are many companies that can help you get published if you are willing to spend some money. Do research online and find affordable options. Places to start include Fiverr, Blade, Upwork and Guru

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