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Summer is almost over and it’s time to tackle all of your projects here on ShareYourself! Knowing that we would see an increase in work being done on projects, we took the liberty of improving our task management features to a whole new level. Read on to learn more about all of our new changes.

Posted by Mitchell O'Neill on September 06, 2019

If you are an active user then chances are you have already used or seen the task management redesign on ShareYourself. We have had this vision for our task management system since the start of ShareYourself and we are very excited to see the new system finally be deployed!

What’s New

The first change is that there is now a nifty Task Overview tab that provides important information for your project such as total tasks, open tasks, closed tasks, overdue tasks, and finished tasks. This information is very important for everyone on ShareYourself because any overdue tasks can be seen by any user on our platform due to our open by default policy, but it can also be an impressive stat line to show off how many completed tasks you have done.

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The next new feature, my personal favorite addition to our task management system, is the Week view: a weekly break down of tasks. 

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I love this view because I am able to see both my own tasks that I am supposed to be working on, and I can see all of my colleagues tasks as well. This allows me to keep my colleagues accountable for completing their work, and my colleagues can keep me accountable for completing my work. 

It’s also nice to be able to scroll through every week, and be able to see tasks that should be completed weeks from now to either mentally prepare or to get an early jump on them. 

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If you see in the photo below, you can also use this weekly view to add new tasks that need to be completed on that specific day. 

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The final new feature is our insights tab. On insights you can track milestone completion by week, month, year, and the lifespan of the project. For anyone who loves studying analytics, this will most likely be you favorite feature in our Task Management section. 

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This feature will also be great for getting funding and grants in the future on ShareYourself. 

From this page you can also click on ‘Tribe’ to get a breakdown on how all of the members of your tribe are handling your tasks. 

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Here you can see what tasks are assigned by each tribe member, and you can see how many tasks each tribe member has previously completed. Think of this as your tribe members baseball card, you can see who your mvp is, and who your benchwarmer is. 

The Future

We are always making changes to the Task MGMT system to both better suit the current management styles of our users as well as instill positive management habits. We love your feedback, if there is something that quite as you'd expect, please let Lauren know.

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