Task Covid-19 Direct Touch Project (for kid's protection)

Insignia Printing - Visiting infographic producers #41

Checking on a few printers for production of aprons, labels, lapels, stickers, etc
Created by Obioma Enwereji on 2020@05@19 4:31:12

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Priority: High
Due date: May 21, 2020 (Closed today)
Assigned to: Unassigned
Category: Not set
Participants: Obioma Enwereji
2020@08@04 18:06:20 Obioma E. closed task
2020@05@19 4:31:13 Obioma E. set due-date to May 21, 2020
2020@05@19 4:31:13 Obioma E. set priority to High
2020@05@19 4:31:12 Obioma E. set milestone to Insignia Printing
2020@05@19 4:31:12 Obioma E. created task