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Jump Start!

Offering $500

This grant is for any Vermont residents who are interested in creating a small local project with a positive impact.

Status: Awarded

ShareYourself/Vermont Federal Credit Union (VFCU) Collaboration

ShareYourself (SYS) is a social impact project management platform and social community designed to incubate and accelerate impactful community projects.

Vermont Federal Credit Union (VFCU) is a community chartered credit union based out of Vermont that has a mission to make a decided difference in the lives of their members. 

SYS and VFCU are collaborating to offer grant support for two socially impactful projects based in Vermont.  The goal of the collaboration is to fund socially impactful project ideas. 

Two grants of $500 each are available for selected projects. Any Vermonters who are motivated to make a change can apply for the grant.  

Grant open date: 11/11 - 11/21

Decision date:  11/25

*Please note that this grant is available to any resident of Vermont.

Arnold Block
Heather Fromkin
ShareYourself Grant Qualification Checklist 

In order for your project to qualify for the grant, it must meet the minimum requirements outlined below: 

First Stage: Jump in and get started


Second Stage: Get your Project

  • Have at least 3 team members on your project
  • Follow 5 different projects/members (excluding SYS team members) 
  • Create at least two project updates on the ShareYourself platform per week
  • Create multiple milestones and tasks by using the project management features on ShareYourself  

Additional information:

  • The grant money must be used to benefit the project, not the recipient.
  • The project must have a social impact mission.
  • Grants are awarded to projects that demonstrate progress, viability, and strong involvement from the project creator and tribe members.

Grant winners are chosen based on the following criteria:
  • The project must meet the grant criteria; whether it’s location or theme.
  • The quality of steps taken towards completion of requirements.
  • Active interaction with the SYS platform by both the project creator and their team.
    • Activity is defined as demonstrating progress on the development of the project, which includes:
      • Frequency of logins
      • Opening and closing tasks and milestones
      • Creating detailed, creative and authentic tasks and milestones
      • Sharing updates
  • Active communication with the ShareYourself team regarding the project.
  • Demonstration of enthusiasm and dedication for the project, social/environmental impact, and action the project requires in order to succeed.