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Support for the family and friends of Fonkochon my hometown
Wanna bring some shine on their hard time it’s a way for me to give back to my hometown. They need us

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Let’s keep this short 
I’m from a loving place in Haiti called Fond Kochon that can translate in English ( PIG HOLE) funny but they have nothing to do with the real Pig , it’s it a loving place my roots my ancestors hometown but this small village is so far that it take day of traveling to go over there and no vehicle can go to this village you have to leave your vehicle half way 
Unfortunately in the recent earthquake Fond Kochon was one of the most touching places 
I have Families and Friends that are in very Big trouble at this time , no home no food no watef and some bad weather as well and nothing 
They so far to the capital that the government help gonna take times or never happen 
At this time they need help than ever and you guys already know before this big event Haiti was already in a bad state 

I was planning to brig a little something just to help them in this difficult times 
Here is list of needs 
Sanitary kit for women’s 
Shelter ( some house are broken)
All this gonna be purchased and making kits with them to make distribution 
Already have my own participation ( transportation and logistics plus some local contributors)
And package as kit and transported in a fulled closed truck for safety reasons 
The money can be wire directly to my bank account 
Zero red tape 
Receipt and picture will be available 
Thank you 
Count on your support

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