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Provided by VSECU

Offering $750

Status: Awarded

ShareYourself/VSECU "The Idea Launch" Grant Collaboration

ShareYourself (SYS) is a social impact project management platform and social community designed to incubate and accelerate impactful community projects.

VSECU is a values-based financial cooperative that is open to everyone who lives or works in Vermont. Their vision is to inspire a movement that brings people together to empower the possibilities for greater financial, environmental, and social prosperity

SYS and VSECU are collaborating to offer two $750 grants to projects that create positive social impact in communities around Vermont.  The goal of the collaboration is to encourage VSECU members to bring their great ideas to life and enhance create an impact in our local economy.  

For this collaboration, 2 grants of $750 each are available for any VSECU members. Any VSECU members can use the free tools at to organize a project and apply for a grant. 

Please note that this grant is coming very soon.

Grant open date: 11/19/19 - 11/29/20

Decision date:  12/05/20

Sarah Lipton
Shawn Kasulka

ShareYourself Grant Qualification Checklist 

In order for your project to qualify for the grant, it must meet the minimum requirements outlined below: 

First Stage: Jump in and get started


Second Stage: Get your Project


  • Have at least 3 team members on your project

  • Follow 5 different projects/members (excluding SYS team members) 

  • Create at least two project updates on the ShareYourself platform 

  • Develop a blueprint of your project  by using the project management feature on ShareYourself (create milestones and tasks)  

Additional information:

  • The grant money must be used to benefit the project, not the recipient.

  • The project must have a social impact mission that is specifically relevant to the applicant's local community.

  • Grants are awarded to projects that demonstrate progress, viability, and strong involvement from the project creator and tribe members.

Am I elibigle?
Eligibility is dependent on the parameters in the grant description under the General Info tab.

Who is deciding the grant winners? Back to top
Winners are decided by members of the ShareYourself staff. We select winners during a meeting dedicated to thoroughly reviewing each individual application and project.

How do we decide the grant winners? Back to top
Grant winners are chosen based on the following criteria:
  • The project must meet the grant criteria; whether it’s location or theme.
  • The quality of steps taken towards completion of requirements.
  • Active interaction with the ShareYourself platform by both the project creator and their team.
    • Activity is defined as demonstrating progress on the development of the project, which includes:
      • Frequency of logins
      • Opening and closing tasks and milestones
      • Creating detailed, creative and authentic tasks and milestones
      • Sharing updates
  • Active communication with the ShareYourself team regarding the project.
  • Demonstration of enthusiasm and dedication for the project, social/environmental impact, and action the project requires in order to succeed.

What stage should my idea be? Back to top
We accept projects that are at any stage of completion. In fact, we encourage new projects so that the applicant is able to collaborate and share ideas with the ShareYourself community.

What is the timeline? Back to top
The timeline for each grant application will be listed under the General Info tab.

Can my idea be an international venture/project or does my project need to be based in the USA? Back to top
This depends on the grant, to find out if you meet the guidelines read the parameters in the grant description under the General Info tab.

What are my chances of winning? Back to top
The majority of our grants are awarded to multiple applicants, if you demonstrate that you have a dedication to improving our world - then you will have a higher chance of winning the grant.