Frequently Asked Questions

What is ShareYourself?

ShareYourself (SYS) is a social community and project management tool, which incubates and manages socially impactful projects, by collaborating with other do-gooders.

We have created a tool that transforms the project planning process from a traditionally closed and isolated system, to an open and transparent process. Unlike other project management platforms where the project management process is only open to the team members, we designed our project management process to be open and transparent to everybody.

In the SYS ecosystem, a like-minded community of Creators and Helpers can get involved as part of a Team, or help others get over hurdles by offering their knowledge or expertise.  

Another aspect of our mission that separates us from other project management platforms is our do-good mission.  All projects on ShareYourself must improve the community or the world somehow.

In short, ShareYourself is a project management and social engagement platform that aims to incubate mission-driven projects.

What types of projects will you accept? Back to top

We will accept any projects that will help make the world a better place.  Some examples include community gardens, murals, financial literacy education for youth, an herbal medicine business, an activist rally, etc

Do projects need to be non-profit? Back to top

No.  Projects can be non-profit, or for-profit.  Projects can be of any scale, from a small neighborhood garden to a large scale business.

Who can propose a project on ShareYourself? Back to top

Anybody or organizations, can use ShareYourself to create a project, as long as the project has a social good component.

What if I don’t have a project idea? How can I get involved on SYS? Back to top

ShareYourself isn’t just for projects! If you don’t have a project yourself, you can sign up as a Helper. Then you can share your skills and time with other users in need of your sharing. There are multiple ways to do this. Browse projects and get in touch with those that resonate with you to see how you can get involved. Or, browse Ask and answer questions that you have feedback on. As a helper, you can do as little as answer questions, or as much as become a mentor to someone, or donate money to their project, as examples.

What/who are helpers? Back to top

Helpers are people who have the skills, time and desire to contribute to projects and their creators. They may be answering questions in Ask or they may be added to a team.

What is a Team on ShareYourself Back to top

We define Team as a group of people who are working on the same project.  Each individual on the team is called a Team Member. A project creator can invite others to join their team.  An individual can request to join a team by messaging the creator. Each team has multiple levels of responsibility. The Creator of the team is responsible for the whole project. Each team can also have Core Members, who have more responsibility. The majority of the team is helpers, who have come to lend their expertise, connections, and labor to make the project happen.

Will SYS find me volunteers? Back to top

ShareYourself has a community full of users with special skill sets that may be useful to your project and are ready to contribute. Some may be geographically close, others may be remote.

Does it cost anything? Back to top

ShareYourself has a free model for every user. In the near future, there will be different membership levels that you can opt in for, at a cost. But there will always be a free version.

What sort of things can I do with my project? Back to top

Task management, private group messaging between you and your team, project updates to the community, find people to help you with your project needs, use the community forum to ask questions / get help on questions that pertain to your project, etc. Your project page becomes a landing page if you will, for your community and those who may be/are interested in keeping up to date about your work.

What makes ShareYourself unique to other project management platforms? Back to top

Transparent project management process + like-minded community + do-good mission = success!

There are tons of social media platforms, networking sites, and project management tools out there.  However, none are taking our unique approach to project management by opening up the planning process to the world for feedback and support.  This approach utilizes the power of the collective knowledge and community to turn a powerful idea to reality. Think of it as a marriage between a social media platform (without all the negativity) and a project management tool.  

What are Tasks? Back to top

ShareYourself is in large part, a project management system.  A project creators and their team members can organize projects in the Tasks page.  The Tasks features include: milestones, priorities, task assignment, due date assignment and sort tasks by categories.

What is "Ask"? Back to top

Ask is a question and answer forum.  It's a place where a project creator can post a question they come across while working on their project. Individuals in the SYS community will get a chance to provide answers. This is where we utilize the power of the collective knowledge to help project creators.

What is "Team Chat" Back to top

Team chat is a group messaging system.  It a place where a whole team can collaborate and get things done.

Can I upload a video to ShareYourself? Back to top
While ShareYourself allows one to upload photos to the platform, we do not allow native video uploading. We recommend uploading your video to a site like Vimeo or Youtube, and either sharing the link to your video or embedding it instead. 

What is Reputation and how do I get it? Back to top
The reputation system on ShareYourself is based on accruing points by utilizing the site. For instance, creating a project, completing your profile, asking and responding to questions  all add reputation points. For certain actions, we want to reward the user with a badge. Everyone receives the Welcome Aboard badge when they join the site.

The more you use the site, the more you'll gain reputation.