Question Moderation Policies

Question titles should only include pertinent information
Please organize your question such that the title contains the question itself. For example, if my question was how about how I have so many apples and I am curious how to peel them all, my title would be "How to peel apples?". The body of the question would include more specific, necessary details. This allows others to find questions so that they may have and provide an answer or learn from the ongoing discussion.

Be as verbose and descriptive as possible in the question description Back to top
In the body of the question, use as many details as possible to give people the ability to better understand your question. For example, if I was asking a question about peeling apples, in the body of the question I would write about how many apples I have; what kind of apples; what kind of peeler I'd like to use; etc. In addition, please feel free to use pictures to help illustrate your question.

Questions regarding the site, support issues, or bug reports should be reported via the Support Center Back to top
The Support Center is the best place to notify ShareYourself staff that there is something amok with the site. It allows us to get to your issue quicker with more transparency. Questions that should have been Support Center tickets will be deleted; please use the Support Center.

Avoid reposting questions Back to top
We want the Ask forum to be as easy and accessible. Therefore, repetitive questions water down one's ability to have a meaningful discourse. Please search for similar questions before you; reposted questions will be deleted to the best of Ask moderator's ability.

If you have an answer, please write a response Back to top
While comments are quick and accessible from the home page, if you have a response to a question please write it up as such. That way, when all the responses to a question are organized together.

Please tag your questions Back to top
By tagging your questions, you allow your question to be part of the ShareYourself site nebula. Please use succinct tags that sum up your question. For example, if I was asking a question regarding peeling apples, some possible tags may be "apples" and "peels".

Be kind, be human. Abrasive posts will be removed Back to top
We understand that sometimes a discourse may become heated, however we expect members of ShareYourself to act kindly towards each other. For instance, if a question lacks information, it's better to ask for clarification than to assume "laziness". We do not tolerate abrasive behavior on ShareYourself. If you feel uncomfortable, unwelcome, or worse please do not hesitate to flag the post and reach out to a ShareYourself staff member.

Please refrain from self-promotion Back to top
The Ask forum is place to exchange ideas and information; to provide value and support to one another; not a place to advertise oneself. If you would like to work with ShareYourself, consider becoming a donor today