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Integrity Without Borders Initiatives (IWBI) is a professionally, managed committed Not for Profit, Non - Governmental Organization active in societal capacity building and issues based advocacy. Our primary focus is on the problem of the common man in the struggle to obtain a life of Justice, Dignity, Equity, Good governance and Environmental stability. [WBI started as a student club known as Student Democracy International at Ahmadu Belllo University Zaria in 2000 with vision of promoting good governance and democratic values within the student community in a country still struggling through her early years of democratic governance. In 2016, a decision to expand the activities and membership of the then Student Democracy International to include non-students was reached by the group’s stakeholders as most of its former members are now actively participating in societal building as Human Right Activists, Journalists, Social Activist Anti-Corruption Activists etc. In 2018, the Student Democracy International was then registered as Integrity Without Borders Initiative (IWBI) with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria; the change in name warranted by a ban placed on names bearing ‘democracy’ by the government Agency.
IWBI identify the causes, nature and extent of corruption, conflict and restiveness analyze and disseminates information to design and deliver intervention and advocacy services to promote understanding and facilitate behavior / perception and policy changes to enhance sustainable management of development.


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