Wale Andrew Woblai
Jimeta, Adamawa, Nigeria
I am a Child protection worker, trained to provide psychosocial support. I have interest in defending the right of the child, inclusive and Gender Education
Wale followed the project Living Machine Water Purifier for Zoos, Animal Houses
September 21, 2020

Living Machine Water Purifier for Zoos, Animal Houses
Design a "living machine" system for converting animal wastes into useful byproducts through ecological design
Wale followed the project Lyme Living
September 21, 2020

Lyme Living
I will create a tiny house community for people who are homeless or are in danger of becoming homeless due to health issues caused by Lyme disease and co-infections.
Wale followed the project ShareYourself
September 21, 2020

SYS is a social community and project management tool, which will incubate and manage socially impactful Projects by collaborating with other do-gooders.


Wale Andrew Woblai is a transparent result oriented leader, who have taken up several leadership position among which includes the President of Geology Departmental student association from 2013-2015, National Secretary of Supernatural Love Ministry Children department from 2009-2017. And currently the Logistic and Distribution Assistant at El-Jireh (NIG) LTD.

My personal mission statement "is to add value to whoever I meet, whatever I do, wherever I go." Any day that at least one person did not smile because of me, is a wasted day.


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