Joseph Moyegun
Chachi Zuma Rock, Niger, Nigeria
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June 20, 2020

SYS is a social community and project management tool, which will incubate and manage socially impactful Projects by collaborating with other do-gooders.


Moyegun Joseph is my name, a youth activist, a biogas trainer, and also SDG Advocate. I work as a project manager with an NGO called Sustainable Africa Waste Initiative(SAWI), an NGO that focuses on Waste and waste data management in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. I am an effective communicator, a community Mobilizer, team player, good project management skills, proficient with Microsoft word and Microsoft excel.
With the environmental challenges in my community and Nation, and with my efficient skills, I have been able to train youths within and outside my Community on how to generate pure methane gas (biogas) for cooking and manure fertilizers from their biodegradable waste. I have been able to conduct community cleanup with a volunteer of about 50, also included is market cleanup with about 48 cleanups.





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