Dar Es, Mwanza, Tanzania, United Republic of
Development practitioner, Social worker,Peer educator and human rights activist, creativity and humanitarian

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Micky Millian is a Coordinator at New Chapter development for Youth, where Micky coordinates activities, resources, equipment's and information, supporting planning and coordination of programs and activities and create budgets for events and allocate funds accordingly.

Micky has worked with different CSOs and Networks in Tanzania and spent Six years as a Development practitioner, social worker and Peer Educator. After a successful career helping vulnerable children, Youth, women and people with disabilities, Micky now helps them to achieve their dreams through different programs, activities and projects.

He enjoys Sports. Travelling and Camping and he is available for sharing and exchange ideas about projects and community development in general. You can reach Micky at millianmicky@gmail.com or newchapterd@gmail.com





project-planning peer-support volunteering,-creativity-and-humanitarian community-development

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