Elizabeth Agwao
BUKEDEA, Bukedea, Uganda

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Iam Elizabeth Agwao, founder and Executive director of Steward Charity Foundation (SCF), a grassroots Community Based Organization (CBO) operating in Bukedea District working for School Dropout Girls and teenage mothers. The formation of SCF was out of deep aspiration by a group of young, committed and active youth passionate about improving the standard of living of School Dropout Girls and Teenage Mothers and community as a whole in Bukedea District, Teso sub region and Uganda as a whole. We work with compassionate young people/youth with the commitment to change the life of School Dropout Girls and Teenage Mothers by responding to the plights/challenges of School Dropout Girls and Teenage Mothers through designing, co-creating, initiating and implementing innovative and problem solving ideas/projects. SCF further aims at supporting the integration, inclusion, involvement and empowerment of the underprivileged, vulnerable, underserved and disadvantaged School Dropout Girls and Teenage Mothers and the community into the new development paradigm shift (development agenda) and give everyone a choice for access to - and utilization of available resources.
The heart of compassion and serving humanity is what drives me as a leader in this organization and I am committed to bringing together compassionate youth to serve humanity. I was born in Bukedea District of Uganda located in the Teso sub region; I have lived and currently live in this community. With this toughest time of the year, I would like to bring young people together to volunteer their time and work hand in hand with Steward Charity Foundation to improve on the livelihood of School Dropout Girls and Teenage Mothers.





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