Gideon Olanrewaju
Abuja Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria
PhD Researcher (McGill) | Girls’ Education Policy Analyst | Alternative Education Development Consultant | Chief Executive, Aid for Rural Education Access Initiative |

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Gideon followed the project Community Developing
September 14, 2020

Community Developing
Restructuring a community
Gideon followed the project Virtual Learning
September 14, 2020

Virtual Learning
Virtual Learning present a platform where the school children can continue to learn even in this challenging time.

To use dispose tyres to make sandals for low income students in underserved communities as they are about to resume school.
Gideon followed the project School On The Go
September 14, 2020

School On The Go
To expand access to technology and reduce the digital divide for students in Nigeria, my team are going to be distributing 20 Portable Bluetooth Speaker With 1W Solar Panel with loaded educational audio memory cards in regions with stronger socio-economic vulnerabilities in north central Nigeria.
Gideon followed the project Education reform Project
September 14, 2020

Education reform Project
Creating a technology that helps deliver class/ education materials to students as the covid -19 lock-down shut them out of school.


Trained in organisational strategy, program development, academic research and policy analysis and skilled in stakeholders’ management, project delivery and non-profit leadership, I possess 6 years’ transnational experience within the field of civil society, public policy and academia as it relates to educational development.

As a Development Practitioner, I have led and supported diverse teams from 4 countries across 3 continents on the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of high-impact interventions that has ensured access to quality learning and empowerment opportunities for over 24,000 out-of-school children, marginalized youth and vulnerable girls/women in hard-to-reach, crisis or conflict-affected communities.

As a policy analyst and researcher, I examine how specific program, policy and governance systems enhance (or restrict) access to formal and informal educational opportunities for girls' and women within diverse post-conflict reconstruction contexts. I then typically employ participatory action research, policy analysis and program evaluation approach to propose and advocate for rapid evidence-based policy and decision-making.

As a leading Youth Activist, I bring a multi-disciplinary theoretical and practical understanding to educational change for underserved communities, having founded 3 local and global educational non-profits and leveraging traditional media, social-networking and grassroots organising to influence social change. My grassroots activism experiences have afforded me the opportunity to contribute to several high-level consultations and international educational summits, as a speaker or a panellist, including at the United Nations and UNESCO headquarters.

Based on my outstanding academic and professional leadership accomplishments, I have been recognised as a 2019 One Young World Ambassador, 2019 Deloitte Scholar, 2018 UNESCO Young Leader in Africa, 2017 Chevening Scholar and 2015 YALITechCamp South Africa Alumnus.





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