The Where
Volunteering is a passion of mine. Helping others makes me feel alive. So much that I wanted a way to do it everyday and for as many people as possible. After sharing this passion, I learned that several others feel this way too! Nomadic Volunteer Tours is a way for us to fulfill this need to help, and travel the US while doing it!

The Why
Volunteer work is good for the soul. When you volunteer, you're putting your needs aside and making yourself entirely available for someone else and their cause. So many people around the world need help with various projects and often dont have the money for manpower or the strength to do it themselves. This is where I'd like Nomadic Volunteer Tours to come in. Individuals, established community groups, small businesses, etc can participate as either a recipient or as volunteers. Maybe it's a small family farm that needs help for the season, or a small organization that needs extra hands for a single day or weekend? We can help. I want this project to be a go to for these types of opportunities. Sometimes, I feel stuck or complacent and need something to bring me back to life. I know I'm not alone and volunteer work can help! In the process, volunteers will connect with those they would otherwise never meet, learn new things about the world and themselves, and travel while doing it. This can create a bridge to understanding, compassion, and love.

The What
I would like Nomadic Volunteer Tours to be a non profit organization that benefits those in need. This project is in the beginning stages. It still needs to be established as a 501(c)3. I've already started making connections with like minded individuals and travelers, and they're getting excited! The next step is to connect with people that have experience traveling via van, RV, car, backpacking, the tiny house community, etc. I will find out what types of challenges they faced while on the road, and how we can battle them. I'm hoping these individuals will be the pioneers of the project. I'll also reach out to communities around the United States, small organizations, churches, etc to explore the opportunities that may be available to volunteers. It was mentioned that sponsorship may be an option, so I'll explore that as well. I want to get other organizations and possibly other ShareYourself projects involved so we can help as many people as possible.
I'm dedicated to this project and will find a way to make it work. Volunteering can be a way of life, and my goal is to make that possible for everyone.