The Where
The idea for Her Voice Carries was born out of producing murals in different communities within Rochester and witnessing the separations in place between neighborhoods, communities and people. Could I create a mural project that would encourage viewers to visit all 5 sections of the city and consider our city as a whole, instead of its many disparate parts?

Further, as a public artist, I have also witnessed a lack of representation of women, by women. I became increasingly interested in shifting the visual landscape of female representation in public space and giving public accolades to those who are lifting up the voices of others.

This project has taken me three years to get to its first phase of completion here in Rochester. I have featured the stories of five women who are working in living in various communities. The project comprises a series of murals located throughout the five sections of the city, plus a map key and unifying mural at the Memorial Art Gallery.

The Why
The intention is to create a network of murals that weave a collective story laced with individual truths. By building on the story of these five women that I began in my hometown of Rochester, I hope to add dimension, variety and connection to the stories told.

Murals have the power to manifest visual change and foster pride within the communities in which they live. This series also has the power to create connections across people, neighborhoods and cities. As the project continues to develop, this network will grow deeper and more widespread.

Her Voice carries is the beginning of my life's work. After 10 years of working as an artist in various mediums and through collaborating with a variety of people, this project puts together all the pieces of my experience and serves a greater need for female empowerment and representation.

The What
Now that I have established the bones of this project, I want to take it to national and eventually, international stage. Rochester is a growing city, driven by young entrepreneurs and artists. I want to collaborate with other change makers across our country who are working to better their own communities.

I am also working on deepening the scope of the project through audio recordings, photography, writing and video. Through incorporating various mediums of representation and directly listening to each woman's voice, my hope is the murals will serve as your window in to each woman's highly individualized story.

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