Green Mountain Chaga


Providing accessibility to the medicinal mushroom using sustainably foraged methods.


Burlington, VT

The Where
I've been avid with Chaga mushrooms for several years after drinking it daily and noticing that I was making it through cold season unaffected. Due to it's limited geographic availability and the hard work it takes to source and harvest it, buying it on the market is quite expensive. When a couple of friends were hunting in Northern Vermont woods, they spotted Chaga and brought it home to me. When they visited the next year, they found even more. With coming into an abundance of chaga, I decided to do the work of processing it so that others can experience the benefits and joy of consuming this wonderful medicinal mushroom.

The Why
With its highly praised antioxidant count, the benefits of Chaga mushroom are numerous, making it one of the most potent immune system medicinals yet to be discovered. It helps boost the immune system when necessary, but slows it down when it's in overdrive. This modifying response has been seen in research representing Chaga's role in combating cancer and tumors.

It's my belief that growing our knowledge base of ways that we can take care of our health and having access to them is imperative. Affordable + natural preventative medicine should be on the forefront of managing our preventative care.

The What
Using the chaga that is harvested locally, I am processing it in multiple ways for everyday people to enjoy it's benefits in simple ways. In tandem with educating people on it's properties and uses, I selling my products at lower costs. 10% of profits I will donate to Mental Health Projects.

My chaga products are sold here: