The Initiative for Local Capital


The Initiative for Local Capital is an innovation lab that promotes economic justice for all.


Jericho Center, VT

The Where
The Initiative for Local Capital grew out of the Invest Local education series started by Milk Money in 2015. Our projects are designed to to deepen and expand financial understanding, and to provide more and better opportunities for anyone, regarless of wealth level, to invest their money in alignment with their values.

The Why
Access to capital is a challenge for any entrepreneur or small business owner, but especially so for women, people of color, and rural communities. The growing movement toward local investment engages community members to invest in their common future - to put their money where their hearts and homes are - and fills an important financing gap for those marginalized by traditional funding sources. The growth of Community Capital will encourage entrepreneurship among people who might otherwise struggle or even abandon a business plan because they don't have access to start-up or growth capital.

The What
We're developing an e-book for entrepreneurs and business advisors -- How to Create a Money Map: Things You Need to Know Before Raising Capital. It'll be available through our website and through the National Coalition for Community Capital ( in early July.