Birds Eye Spirit Homes


A collection of thoughtful and artful spaces for entrepreneurs and leaders to restore, reflect, create, and connect in nature, with nearby access to sources of introspection, inspiration and delight, so that they can return to their work ready to reengage with clarity and fresh perspective.


Asheville, Nc, NC

The Where
After years of working as a traditional small business developer, I realized that my clients were having trouble actually doing the inner work necessary to bring their dreams into fruition because they were so buried in the day-to-day. Five years ago I launched my first Birds Eye retreat dedicated to giving these people a place and space to restore themselves, reflect on the business and its impact both internally and externally, create new ideas and expressions of these ideas, and then connect these discoveries back into the world. I now want to continue to develop these experiences in a collection of places that are all ones that possess a sense of "genus loci", where the elements of the natural world conspire with our ideas and dreams where people can go into solo retreat, work on projects with team members, or gather as a group to experience the rising tide of great minds and hearts playing together.

The Why
Because burn-out is real for our world's social impact leaders and entrepreneurs and if we let their pilot lights go out we are fucked.

The What
Find a small plot of land that backs up to a magical protected wilderness and create a portal there into self-discovery.