The Where
In the quest to find possible solutions to reduce the impacts of blacksoot in Port Harcourt, I have done some research and learnt about indoor plants published by NASA that help purify air 9 times other plants. Aloe Vera is one plant my team and I @ myEnvironment myWealth started distributing in 2018. We have had good testimonials from those who use this plant indoors and there have been more request for plant donations. They confirm fresher, cleaner odourless atmosphere in areas where Aloe Vera is planted.
This is a way to mitigate Climate Change impacts from illegal artisanal oil bunkery, gas flaring companies, true burning during meat processing in slaughter slabs and other harmful toxic chemicals expelled into the atmosphere.

The Why
For the past 4 years, residents in my city Port Harcourt have been faced with the blacksoot PM2.5μg menace. Many have developed respiratory tract diseases and infections and some are migrating to other cities.
Children have been diagnosed of health problems related to the soot particles and those with respiratory tract infections have more health crisis daily.
It is known that every individual spends more time indoors especially at home, hence a cleaner safer air would help in maintaining healthy living.
With Aloe Vera indoors, every home gets cleaner safer air.
We hope to get every household involved in this exercise to ensure cleaner air indoors.

The What
The nursery for the first 100 donations have been set up.
The project is for 3 months. My team and I would donate about 1000 pots of Aloe Vera on Earth Day to show our commitment.
To get a target of 3000 pots of Aloe Vera, we need more Aloe Vera pups (to be purchased), space (to rent) and garden pots (to purchased). At the moment we are using discarded plastic bottles to set up nurseries in our backyard.