Roosting Program



Making agricultural enterprise affordable and attainable for the next generation of environmental stewards.


Barton, VT

The Where
As our farmer's retire and their land is put up for sale, we risk the development of prime agricultural land into residential and business property. So few people, and particularly young people, have access to the kind of capital that is required to own and operate a farm. Our residential "Roosting" program lessens these barriers to entry and provides laboratory space for young farmers to prove their model, with the goal that this real-world experience and beta-testing will help them secure the loans and capital needed to secure their own land.

The Why
Food comes from farms. We need food, we need farms.

The What
Our umbrella, Birdhous L3C, will welcome 4 passionate people to the land in our inaugural summer. Each will have their own project and goals, and will use the Birdhous land as a learning laboratory. We will support these folks with beyond affordable rental rates, business and branding advice, a built in market in our upcoming Farmstand-Cafe and of course, access to the land they need to prove their plans can be profitable and sustainable.