Street Infographics for Covid-19 Prevention


A street awareness Covid-19 prevention campaign, targeted at the inner city slums in Port Harcourt where there is high risk of the spread of the virus through human to human transmission due to overpopulation.


Port Harcourt, Rivers

The Where
While volunteering for the hand-washing against Covid-19 in my city, I discovered that many people are ignorant of the mode of spread and ways to prevent the spread of the virus. If people do not have the right information, they cannot protect themselves or others, hence the need to spread information in a way that everyone can understand no matter their level of education.

The Why
This project matters because it is necessary to help flatten the curve against Covid-19 in the world, particularly in Nigeria.
This project will help the inner city people who are not privy to facts about the Corona virus, but mostly rumors being peddled on the streets, thereby making them live in fear.
Volunteers who are passionate about helping their community stop the spread of the virus will be involved in this project.

The What
I plan to;
1. Print (in different formats and sizes) government (NCDC) and United Nations (WHO) approved infographics on Covid-19 prevention.
2. Post this infographics on Covid-19 at strategic points around the inner city streets of Port Harcourt.