Hand Washing Against Covid-19

A campaign to encourage public Handwashing by setting up free hand wash stations at public places, as a way of encouraging personal and respiratory hygiene through clean hands, in a bid to control the spread of covid-19 in Nigeria.


Port Harcourt, Rivers

The Where
While countries are closing their borders to neighbors, businesses shutting down, and people being urged to stay at home in isolation, all in a bid to control the spread of the novel Corona Virus (covid-19) , I kept asking myself what I could do in such a time of crisis.
Having started a project on SDGs for Kids, where I taught kids personal hygiene as a way of saying healthy, I felt I can transfer the same to the public, as it has been established that regular washing of the hands reduces and individual's risk of being infected if they maintain good respiratory hygiene. So I had to utilize my ShareYourself Ambassadorship funds for this project. I poured it all into it and more.
So far, the joy I derive from helping other people is indescribable. When random people come in to use the Handwash Station and we tell them it's free, they're so happy and encourage us. We even get to teach some how to properly wash their hands, as well as sensitized them about covid-19 prevention. With this pandemic raging across borders, this is the least I can to to help humanity live through this crisis.

The Why
It matters because this covid-19 pandemic is destroying world systems, with people, businesses and governments being knocked down and world equilibrum altered.

The What
To set up more free Handwash stations across Port Harcourt, and even in other states in Nigeria.
Recruit more volunteers and monitor them closely to ensure that the wash stations are put to optimal use.