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Outreach - Figure out Canyon #23

Needs rear brakes and a new battery

decide if you're going to fix traction/abs controls and what kind of resale value you might get-- would be nice to downgrade to beater and reduce monthly payments

Created by Jes Scribner on 2019@02@08 14:31:01

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Priority: High
Due date: Apr 01, 2019 (Closed today)
Assigned to: Stu McGowan
Category: Important, Not Urgent
Participants: Jes Scribner Stu McGowan
Jes on February 15, 2019

Stu, you wanna help me figure out how to sell this thing? Looking for 10k return minimum and hopefully a beater too 

Stu on February 17, 2019

For sure, let’s def talk. Best thing to start is figure out if the numbers work to fix the traction/abs controls. If it makes sense to do it before you sell, cause you’ll make more $ than you put out to fix them, then that’s something. 

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