Projects with a focus on "Community"

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Covid-19 Sensitization campaign and Distribution

The project would set a precedence on the need for collective awareness and sensitization of the community on the COVID-19 as a pandemic and how to take responsibility and stay safe while going about with every lawful activity within the community and the country at large.

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COVID-19 Sensitization and Palliative Distribution

Sensitization of my community dwellers about the know and preventive measure of COVID-19 and distribution of palliative such as personal protective equipment (PPE) and lots more.

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Covid Relief Angels

Covid Relief Angels is a project that provide relief materials for families greatly affected by the corona virus pandemic, while providing mental support for such families and others

People with a focus on "Community"

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Jeremiah Villizu

I'm a certified Advocate, Good Communicator and a Community Organizer

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Jeremia Siweka

My name is Jeremia Ndjambi Siweka, I am the founder of the Empower to Inspire Youth Organization, a youth-led movement based in Rundu, that aims to tackle the social related issues that hinders the potential of the youth in the society

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Wainright Acquoi

Social entrepreneur; co-founder & CEO of TRIBE - an education social enterprise creating innovative programs and digital solutions to improve learning outcomes .


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