Projects with a focus on "Environmental"

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African Digital Climate Project

This project makes simplified, actionable climate adaptation and mitigation content available to africans through digital platforms.

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Project Replast

Millions of tons of plastic waste accumulated overtime in the environment and Lagos has generated highest volume in Nigeria. PROJECT REPLAST is established to REDUCE and RECYCLE plastic waste in the environment. Plastic is being REUSED into flower vase to beautify the city and promote afforestation.

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Virtual Cohort Programme

The Virtual Cohort Programme is a project curated to educate young leaders and community residents on climate knowledge to empower their minds to create informed climate action

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REPLACE THE CUT TREES is a climate action project that aims to combat climate change by empowering people in the rural communities with the skill of budding, grafting, planting and management of economic trees to replace the trees that are been cut down in the communities for fuel.

People with a focus on "Environmental"

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Akan Paul

A graduate of mass communication and a member of the project management Academy England [PMA/UK] skilled in communication & Social media, excellent writing and ability to organize and manage teams product skilled in basic presentation and Adobe creative s


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