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Community Developing

Restructuring a community

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TeachCube Learning Innovation Program - reimagining educational access through technology.

TeachCube Learning Innovation Program aims to provide educational and instructional materials for school age Youths. It'll provide personalized access that connect school age Youths with communities of educators and mentors via virtual class platform powered by technology.

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Farm-global technologies

Agritech portal aimed at creating agricultural-oriented applications and trainings by making use of sound multimedia technologies in contribution to value-added agricultural businesses in Nigeria.

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Ayana COVID-19 Response Program

An integrated community mobilization response against COVID-19 in high risk settings in Nigeria.

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A festival to uplift and unify 500 people in the Northeast who love singing, as led by exceptional musical artists of several genres and traditions.

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Ever since moving to Northfield, Vermont I have dreamed of creating an off-leash park where dogs and people can socialize, play, and learn together. More than a large, fenced-in area, C.R.E.A.T.E.S. aims to educate people about responsible dog ownership.


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Project Framework Virtual Assistant
KINGSLEY ADINDU posted on Feb 28th, 2020
Location: Port Harcourt
Availability: 24/7

I help project creators to develop practical and detailed frameworks for their projects, which could help them pitch their project successfully to...