Projects with skill "gardening"

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Girls for Green Orchards (G4GO)

A climate change mitigation and awareness with focus on school girls.

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Formal Education and Agricultural Knowledge to Youngsters

Imparting formal educational knowledge to the less privileged in my community and training them to become Agriculturists, no matter their profession in life,using little resources available provide from Farm to Table.

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Iko Farm

Growing vegetable and economic trees

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Landscape restoration and poultry farming

1. To restore degraded/ deforested land is by planting fast growing indigenous plants 2. To encourage health food through poultry farming

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Edible Brattleboro

We grow help-yourself fruit and vegetable gardens accessible to everyone.

People with skill "gardening"

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Samuel Emmanuel

Samuel is an experienced farmer and a sustainable living advocate with a solid educational foundation and a passion for sustainable crop management.

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Ndaboh Nelson

Organic Farming researcher, freelanced in Permaculture & organic farming for 4years 8 months in Nigeria.


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Community Garden/Nursery Hands
Trevor Lohr posted on Mar 16th, 2020
Project: Gift Gardens
Hours needed: < 10 hours
Position duration: < 1 week
Skills: No skill specification

Design, Build and Grow out a community garden and nursery in Fairlee, VT. Help hone a land-based gift economy to weather the most challenging...

Arborist or Landscape Expert
Jean Goldsborough posted on Jan 2nd, 2020
Hours needed: < 10 hours
Position duration: 1 week to 1 month
Skills: No skill specification

Before you know it Spring will be upon us. During the winter our tribe continues to raise funds in preparation for spring plantings in our park. We...


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