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Mangrove Restoration Project in Dompak, Tanjung Pinang Island

By contributing to international carbon market, we will be protecting 200 ha of mangrove forest in Dompak District, which could make an important contribution to improve livelihood local community and biodiversity conservation.

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kick climate

This project will be based on teaching communities and the schools children about the crisis of climate and how to adapt in this matter by planting trees.

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Wetland Enhancement

Cutting down eucalyptus around the wetlands and replacing with favorable trees like bamboos and other wetland vegetation to enhance wetland flood conveyance capacity, increasing habitat, scenic and increasing pollution control.

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Climate Friends Clubs

Climate Friends Club Project aims at establishi Climate Change Volunteer Clubs at different schools to create awareness at grassroot on the effect and solutions to Climate Change issues.If the younger generation catches this then there is hope.So we'll use school clubs with variety of activitie

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Reforestation Efforts Using Drone, AI and Seed Biology Technology

Planting a billion trees globally by 2028 at a sustainable, safe, and speedy pace.

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Biomass Briquettes: An alternative sustainable fuel for cooking and heating purposes.

Briquettes, an alternative form of fuel made entirely from sawdust, paper and water will not only reduce the effect of global warming and pollution in the environment but will also offer a means of waste management while providing new and affordable fuel business opportunities for the local economy.

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IFEANYI APARI posted on Mar 17th, 2020
Hours needed: 10 to 30 hours
Position duration: 3 to 6 months
Skills: No skill specification

We are seeking/looking for Climate scientists, Geoscientists, Earth scientists, climatologist, etc all over the world who will use their knowledge...


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