Projects with skill "community-projects"

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Climate Friends Clubs

Climate Friends Club Project aims at establishi Climate Change Volunteer Clubs at different schools to create awareness at grassroot on the effect and solutions to Climate Change issues.If the younger generation catches this then there is hope.So we'll use school clubs with variety of activitie

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Biomass Briquettes: An alternative sustainable fuel for cooking and heating purposes.

Briquettes, an alternative form of fuel made entirely from sawdust, paper and water will not only reduce the effect of global warming and pollution in the environment but will also offer a means of waste management while providing new and affordable fuel business opportunities for the local economy.

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Hewa Bora

Nous voulons renforcer l'économie de familles indigènes par la plantation d'arbres fruits dans nos espaces paix

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It is social impact driven project combining tire upcycling and crochet

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Promoting girl child education

To educate a girl child means to train her mind,character and abilities,and education is the fundamental human right that should be availed to every girl child irrespective of the age and nationality

People with skill "community-projects"

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Jonathan Uno

Intermediate professional with an elaborate on-the-job training in civil engineering and on-hands approach in project coordination

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Sarah Rutherford

I am a Rochester, NY based illustrator, painter, installation and mural artist with a focus on collaboration and placemaking.


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