Projects with skill "advocacy"

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Green Kiosk by RECYCLEX

Green Kiosk is a post consumer plastic waste buy-back outpost project, targeting communities where there's little or no recycling activity within Lagos to encourage recycling, reduction of plastic litter, creating avenue for income for people and reduction of the negative effects of climate change.

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Global Warming Awareness Campaign

This Project seeks to work on creating a Nation Wide Campaign to reduce Ozone layer depletion which has led to climate change.

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Door-to-Door Campaign

I would like to reach the most disadvantaged communities in the most rural areas where a huge percentage of the population resides, inform and educate about global warning and what one can do to play their part.

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Educate a girl child

Is all about giving girl child the opportunity to learn.

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Climate Walk

Climate Walk, It is an open event, in which various set of energetic and reliable youth will campaign and educate people on the side effects of climate change to human and plants, the climate crisis shall be made in a pictorial form for effective communication, it will also be a great event in which

People with skill "advocacy"

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Musa Olayinka

Head of NIGERIA World Education Community|| Award Winning Volunteer||YALI Fellow|| Passionate Humanitarian|| Founder RISENHOPE initiative (SDG124).


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Fund Mobilization Manager
Guinbe Arnaud posted on Mar 12th, 2020
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