Projects with skill "land-use-planning"

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White Rocks Outdoor Collaborative

WROC’s mission is to promote and develop outdoor recreation opportunities in The Green Mountain National Forest’s “ROBERT T. STAFFORD WHITE ROCKS NATIONAL RECREATION AREA” and the surrounding communities.

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Lyme Living

I will create a tiny house community for people who are homeless or are in danger of becoming homeless due to health issues caused by Lyme disease and co-infections.

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Public Participating Energy Futures Planning

Develop a comprehensive system using best practices to engage communities in their own energy futures plannng: Your energy future should NOT be a spectator sport with decisions made for you by monopolies or global corporations.

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Expanding the Architecture 2030 Design Palette

Architecture 2030 is an American Institute of Architects project, about making all new architect-assisted buildings net-zero energy buildings by 2030. Now, 2030 Districts are forming with the intent of using 50% as much fossil fuel & water by 2030. The "palette" is a set of design principles.

People with skill "land-use-planning"

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Craig Oshkello

Project Design, Implementation and Mangagement


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