Projects with skill "digital-&-social-media-marketing"

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Formal Education and Agricultural Knowledge to Youngsters

Imparting formal educational knowledge to the less privileged in my community and training them to become Agriculturists, no matter their profession in life,using little resources available provide from Farm to Table.

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Keeping them healthy and safe through water

Providing access to safe clean drinking water, sanitation facilities and good hygiene practices in rural communities of Northern Nigeria

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Environmental accountability and the shift towards circular economy

A policy engagement roundtable towards environmental accountability in businesses in Abuja and helping organizations shift to the circular economy.

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TeachCube Learning Innovation Program - reimagining educational access through technology.

TeachCube Learning Innovation Program aims to provide educational and instructional materials for school age Youths. It'll provide personalized access that connect school age Youths with communities of educators and mentors via virtual class platform powered by technology.

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YARD-Liberia,Inc. & Partners COVID-19 Response

YARD-Liberia, Inc. will work in partnership with other established youth-led institutions to amplify projects around the elimination of COVID-19 in Liberia and this partnership will be a tool for empowering other institutions who are working around the COVID-19 response.

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Farm-global technologies

Agritech portal aimed at creating agricultural-oriented applications and trainings by making use of sound multimedia technologies in contribution to value-added agricultural businesses in Nigeria.

People with skill "digital-&-social-media-marketing"

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Williams Clinton APPOH

President & Executive Director, African Youth Institute || SDGs Campaigner | Youth Advocate | Web Designer | Digital & Social Media Consultant | Agripreneur | Sales & Marketing Executive | Assistant Head &Tutor-Economics, Social Studies & English Language

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Zakariya Hassan

I'm a Humanitarian, Expert in Info. Tech, a Nigerian With Experience and Knowledge to Apply in Order to Influence, Impact, and Empower The Voiceless, Less-Privileged, and Poverty Stricken People and Community To Enhance Unity, Justice, and Equality for al


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