Projects with tag "sustainability"

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Ubizolwethu Water Initiative (UWI)

Collaborative and sustainable youth initiatives in South Africa and beyond aimed at addressing Climate Action challenges related to clean water and sanitation, cities and communities and Life below water.... Ubizolwethu means Our Calling

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African Digital Climate Project

This project makes simplified, actionable climate adaptation and mitigation content available to africans through digital platforms.

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Operation Raising Hope: Batwa Agriculture Project

The Batwa, an indigenous people group, are not receiving government support with food, we have approximately 40 acres in Uganda to implement a massive gardening program with the Batwa to feed the Batwa.

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Save the Sahara

This project is about planting trees in public schools to combat climate in sahel region of Nigeria

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Green Today Build Tomorrow

The project is working at supporting students in schools to pursue careers in the green economy - in line with the future of work - through practical demonstrations of food security and environmentally friendly practices in their schools and communities.

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Plastic Bin Project

It involves constructing Plastic Bins from plastic bottles.

People with tag "sustainability"

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Ayrtona-Senna Lewis

Environmentalist working and interested in development

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Andrea Belanger



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