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Sustainability NGO's and Activists Accelerator

Professionals and experts assist pro bono NGOs and Activists' projects and campaigns related to 17 UN SDG

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Revamp Rave Network

Building the next generation of young climate champions through climate education and high-impact capacity building for a resilience world.

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Let Lake Victoria Breathe Again

This project aims at enhancing climate change awareness, environmental conservation, protection, restoration and conservation of Lake Victoria from solid waste pollution.

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Re-greening Schools for Sustainability and Climate Action

This project is aimed at identifying vulnerable schools and enhancing restoration through indigenous trees and bamboo planting for environmental conservation and climate change mitigation.

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Assisting the orphanage home

This project Will really help the orphanage home to care for their need because in my city people don't really have interest on them.

People with tag "#sustainability"

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Solomon Ekundayo

Solomon Ekundayo is passionate about the environment and understands the need to show commitment towards a better and safer earth, hence his environmental activism in promoting sustainability, he loves nature and he wouldn't want depletion of it.

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I wish my community Lueku to feel a little impact of development


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How can young people become partners for the implementation of the SDGs and lead the world in a more...


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