Projects with tag "#sanitation"

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Batwa Community access to clean water

a project to supply vulnerable Batwa community with clean gravitational water

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Well Project For DENGALTI Village.

Dig a hand dug well for the host community where there is scarcity to access portable water for drinking and sanitation purposes.

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Clean Water and War Against Open Defecation Initiative

This project will give Post-Pandemic Rural Nigeria access to clean water by establishing Hand-Pump-Taps, and as well, encourage sanitation by discouraging Open-defecation and water pollution.

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Village Water Filtration Kit (VIWAFIKI)

Village Water Filtration is an innovative low-cost water treatment kit made up from locally available materials and aids to provide sustainable solution to the problem of unsafe water for rural people in Uganda.

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Water for Slums

Improving the livelihood of slum dwellers by providing clean water for the residents for both drinking and general domestic purposes.

People with tag "#sanitation"

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Monday Olu Ilelanwo

Ex ShareYourself Ambassador; Working tirelessly for WASH and Climate Change, YALI Alumni, Founder Labakulli Youth And Women Empowerment Initiative (LAYWEI).


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