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Girls' Digital Education Project

The Girls' Digital Education Project is the empowerment of vulnerable school-going girls between the ages of 12-16 yrs with solar digital Radio to learn and actively participate in the Teaching by Radio Program designed by the government of Liberia to keep students learning during COVID-19.

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Safe Girls Project

This project aims to reduce adolescent girls vulnerability to COVID 19 and gender-based violence, particularly sexual violence in rural communities.

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YARD-Liberia,Inc. & Partners COVID-19 Response

YARD-Liberia, Inc. will work in partnership with other established youth-led institutions to amplify projects around the elimination of COVID-19 in Liberia and this partnership will be a tool for empowering other institutions who are working around the COVID-19 response.

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Feed the poor widows

Feeding the poor widows and also creating awareness about covid19

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Women and Children Home Gardening in the mix of COVID19

Advocating, training, educating and supplying of gardening tools to women and children in Ghana to develop home gardens in the mix of COVID19 to meet the food and hunger crises ahead

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