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The Fisherman's Pump-boat

We will find a Filipino fisherman in need and buy him a new pump-boat.

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This project will provide educational support (Digital skills training, learning materials, payment of school fees) for 15-year-old Zion and other girls ages 12 to 19 in Lila village and the surrounding rural communities of Mubi Hills in Adamawa State in North-East Nigeria to go to secondary school.

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Sarah Rutherford

I am a Rochester, NY based illustrator, painter, installation and mural artist with a focus on collaboration and placemaking.

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Sara Akers

I love to help people and better my community for the future.

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Sara Akers

I love being involved in my community and the events/fundraisers that take place! Inspiring people to do good in their communities and our city is what I strive for! I'm all about being a part of the solution and not being a part of the problem!


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