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Point to Point

Put your Values in Motion. At the Point to Point you can ride or run on Vermont's beautiful trails and roads to raise funds to end hunger in Vermont.

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Sarah Rutherford

I am a Rochester, NY based illustrator, painter, installation and mural artist with a focus on collaboration and placemaking.

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Sara Akers

I love to help people and better my community for the future.

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Sara Akers

I love being involved in my community and the events/fundraisers that take place! Inspiring people to do good in their communities and our city is what I strive for! I'm all about being a part of the solution and not being a part of the problem!


I've heard that there are different categories for crowdfunding. What are they?

Is this an option? Where do I look for them?

Do people still fundraise offline? What are some ideas?

Who's going to contribute to my crowdfunding campaign?...

I'm ready to begin. Where do I start? What pieces do I need?...

What should I take into consideration when choosing the right platform to use?...


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