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Waste Management

Green Axis is a social Enterprise, focused on waste management/ recycling, converting waste materials into raw materials for the plastic manufacturing firms, rather than having it littering our environment.

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Environmental accountability and the shift towards circular economy

A policy engagement roundtable towards environmental accountability in businesses in Abuja and helping organizations shift to the circular economy.

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Renewable Atmosphere

An atmosphere that Recycle all biodegradable waste to generate pure methane gas for Cooking.

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Climate Renewal (CRenew)

We combat climate change through promoting renewable energy, teaching about Circular economy and also promote SDGs to ensure environmental sustainability.

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WASH to Schools

This is a project of sensitising school children and turning education into actions on; - Waste management -Good sanitation and hygiene practices -Water safety / conservation practices.

People with tag "#wastemanagement"

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Ayomide Arowosegbe

| Environmental Health | Waste Recycling | Sustainability | Greentility


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