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Youth Empowerment Through Education (Y.E.T.E.)

Y.E.T.E. addresses youth unemployment issues caused by the coronavirus outbreak, and will focus on areas where employment opportunities are available or growing.

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Feed A Teacher

The project aim is to provide palliatives to 20 selected private school teachers who have been at home without earning salaries because schools have been shutdown due to COVID19 Pandemic.

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cov-down is an initiative which aims to help our pregnant mothers and sisters in our village by offering them food and raising awareness on Covid 19.

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Reusable mask

I believe affordable production of a PPE is essential, most people cannot afford a mask, that's why I am set to tackle the challenge by producing reusable masks to combat the spread of covid-19.

People with tag "#health"

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Ayrtona-Senna Lewis

Environmentalist working and interested in development

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Sara Akers

I love being involved in my community and the events/fundraisers that take place! Inspiring people to do good in their communities and our city is what I strive for! I'm all about being a part of the solution and not being a part of the problem!


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Following amazing project on Recycling.

I really want this to be looked into and be discussed.Why has lockdown not reduced the COVID-19 case...


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