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Igniting Hope In Mathare Valley: Fundraiser for Mathare's Resource Centre

Join us in building a transformative resource centre in Mathare Valley, providing educational support, skills training, and opportunities for a brighter future.

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Daraja Educational Empowerment Project

Daraja Educational Empowerment Project is for Supporting the Educational needs of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Early Childhood Education, Primary and Secondary Education.

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Project Solar Lamp For A School Child

Project ‘SOLAR LAMP FOR A SCHOOL CHILD’ is a social impact project aimed at providing solar lamps for basic and secondary school students in rural coastal communities with no access to electricity supply for over 5 years.

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Create jobs through arts and crafts in rural areas

Develop training center and teach how to make creative arts and crafts from waste and trash that can be turned into end products and used in our daily life.

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Conectados por Samuel

Connected se une para apoyar a Samuel, un estudiante venezolano en España, en su acceso a la carrera de Ciencias Políticas, Información y Documentación en la Universidad de Salamanca.

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