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Keeping them healthy and safe through water

Providing access to safe clean drinking water, sanitation facilities and good hygiene practices in rural communities of Northern Nigeria

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Covid 19 awareness and prevention hygiene in remote areas

This project is to create awareness, educate and provide basic materials to help in breaking the spread of covid 19 in remote areas in Ogun state where proper awareness hasn't been made.

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COVID-19 Community Action Plan (C2AP)

C2AP sensitizes community dwellers on Infection, Prevention and Containment, and provides hygiene materials to them in order to achieve the project goals.

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Hygiene Against Coronavirus

Hygiene Against Coronavirus is a project aimed at producing locally made cost effective hand sanitizers,liquid soaps and also hand wash buckets for vulnerable communities to help them fight the spread of coronavirus in their communities in a bid to flaten the curve in makurdi,Nigeria.

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