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Resiliency in a Time of Chaos: Good Grief + Gentle Yoga

I will combine the Good Grief Network's 10-step model, my experience in climate activism, facilitating international student programs and my training as a restorative yoga teacher to create a holistic program aimed to create a resilient community of activists and citizens.

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Hoolipack Clothes Skid Row

Hoolipack will raise roughly $60,000 in order to clothe skid row in our hoodies to help bring awareness to this ongoing issue, clothe these individuals, and spark change in our community & around the world!

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Support Staying On Track with Your Project

Hi! I am a certified positive psychology-based life coach offering free coaching sessions for organizers and volunteers in this community. If you are looking to take your project to the next level, or trying to figure out how you can best serve the community here - I can help you gain clarity.

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Lyme Living

I will create a tiny house community for people who are homeless or are in danger of becoming homeless due to health issues caused by Lyme disease and co-infections.

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Make Food Not Waste

Make Food Not Waste reduces the amount of food that goes to waste, helping people to save money and make the planet healthier.

People with tag "community"

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Meriam Issa

Community social worker & sustainable impact maker

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Sarah Rutherford

I am a Rochester, NY based illustrator, painter, installation and mural artist with a focus on collaboration and placemaking.

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Sara Akers

I love to help people and better my community for the future.

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Sara Akers

I love being involved in my community and the events/fundraisers that take place! Inspiring people to do good in their communities and our city is what I strive for! I'm all about being a part of the solution and not being a part of the problem!

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Lauren McKenna

ShareYourself Co-Found and House Mama


I came across this manual for creating, securing and hosting a "free space" i.e., "a gathering place...

Do you feel like your personal experience has been different than that of men? Harder? Less accessib...

Shout out what you're doing, no matter how big or small.

i.e., lack of low income housing, homelessness, affordability, limited housing for elderly, etc. Wha...

What challenges should I expect to experience?...


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