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Covid Story Project

The project seeks to confront the isolation and loneliness of the pandemic and build solidarity through an on-line platform that shares personal stories in audio formats about daily life.

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Covid-19 Sensitization campaign and Distribution

The project would set a precedence on the need for collective awareness and sensitization of the community on the COVID-19 as a pandemic and how to take responsibility and stay safe while going about with every lawful activity within the community and the country at large.

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Covid 19 awareness and prevention hygiene in remote areas

This project is to create awareness, educate and provide basic materials to help in breaking the spread of covid 19 in remote areas in Ogun state where proper awareness hasn't been made.

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COVID-19 Community Action Plan (C2AP)

C2AP sensitizes community dwellers on Infection, Prevention and Containment, and provides hygiene materials to them in order to achieve the project goals.

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Sensitization about covid-19

Educate and provide some incentive in preventing covid-19

People with tag "community"

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Ali Baba Emmanuel

I belong to a community of people living with HIV where key population is also included.This is a community that needs some support.

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Nwaobilor Anthony C

For accessibility

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Meriam Issa

Community social worker & sustainable impact maker

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Sarah Rutherford

I am a Rochester, NY based illustrator, painter, installation and mural artist with a focus on collaboration and placemaking.


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