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Digital Education/learning

Online learning in response to the significant demand of underserved communities for children seeking for a platform offering free access to educational services

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Enhancing learning and teaching environments in public primary and secondary schools in Enugu

The project seeks to renovate two dilapidated buildings with classrooms and provide mini library comprising text books in all the subjects in Trans Ekulu Primary School, Enugu.

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Project Greeconomy

By substituting plant-based products (grocery bags and food plates) for plastic ones, our project aims to reduce the plastic waste in an urban Nepali community.

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Green Kiosk by RECYCLEX

Green Kiosk is a post consumer plastic waste buy-back outpost project, targeting communities where there's little or no recycling activity within Lagos to encourage recycling, reduction of plastic litter, creating avenue for income for people and reduction of the negative effects of climate change.

People with tag "#community"

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Bose Marquis

An environmentalist

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Ali Baba Emmanuel

I belong to a community of people living with HIV where key population is also included.This is a community that needs some support.

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Nwaobilor Anthony C

For accessibility


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