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Jack fruit for no Hunger and a health life

This project aims to increase food supply, improve health and curb climate change by distributing 1000 Jack fruit seedling to 500 families

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African Education Program: AEP Aquaponics & Urban Farming Community Learning Center

A social enterprise empowering AEP’s youth and their families in innovative and climate-resistant farming techniques to become food secure.

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EcoHeroes Africa

EcoHeroes Africa Project is an African Youth climate change and food security ambassador program that provides solutions to halt climate change, its effect on young people, and food security through climate-smart agriculture, environmental education, and fruit tree planting campaign.

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Food for orphanage and less privileged people

Provision of food stuff to orphanage and less privileged people in Sokoto State for the purpose of putting smile on their faces, and to show them care and love.

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Waste No Food (Awareness to Combat Food Waste)

Every 3.6 seconds a person dies of hunger.75% of them are Children. On 29 September 2021,The International Day of Awareness of Food Loss & Waste will be observed for the 2nd time. We are proud to pioneer this awareness campaign to reduce food loss & waste in Uganda.

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Action for Sustainable Farming to Enhance Livelihood of Young Farmers

The Action for Sustainable Farming to Enhance Livelihood of Young Farmers is a project designed to capacitate 30 young farmers in District 1, Montesrrado County to adopt climate smart agricultural practices with the main focus on farm-based soil and water conservation, organic vegetable cultivation,

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