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Plant a Tree Plant Hope

We plant a tree(s) for every our Twitter follower as away of interconnecting media with environmental conservation through tree planting, spreading awareness about the importance of planting trees in Climate change Mitigation across the globe.

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Door-to-Door Campaign

I would like to reach the most disadvantaged communities in the most rural areas where a huge percentage of the population resides, inform and educate about global warning and what one can do to play their part.

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We will conduct a 3-day webinar series engaging young people on how we can make Africa Green Today with over 30 speakers from all over Africa.

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COVID-19: "A New Life"

"A New Life" is a green, digital funeral platform that offers end-to-end funeral service, which allows us to pay respect to our loved ones, memorialize their legacy and pay tributes on their personal digital profile while saving the environment. Also "A New Life" reduces carbon emission.

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